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How do you fix a flat tyre?
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How does your bike work?
How your bike works

How your bike works

BRAKES: The lever located on the Left Hand side of the handlebar is your Rear Brake lever. The lever located on the Right Hand side of the handlebar is your Front Brake lever. You should ride AT ALL TIMES with at least one finger resting over your brake levers, allowing you to act quickly when you need to slow down. The most effective way to brake is to gently apply both the front & rear brakes at the same time.

GEARS: On most of our bikes, you'll find only one gear shifter. That can be found underneath the Right Hand side of the handlebar. There are two levers - one that sits close to your thumb and one that sits behind it. The lever closest to your thumb will select an easier gear that will help you climb uphill. The lever tucked behind will select a harder gear that you will use when you want to go faster down the hill or across the flats. 

ADJUSTABLE SEATPOST: If you have hired one of our Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes or Electric Mountain Bikes, you will have an adjustable seatpost which can be operated with a lever sitting below the left hand side of your handlebar. To drop the saddle, simply push the lever in with your thumb and sit down on the saddle until it stops moving down and release the lever. To increase the height, depress the lever and unweight the saddle. 

How to turn your e-bike on

How Turn your e-Bike on

Firstly, locate the power button using the diagrams below to identify the system you are using. When powering on your e-Bike, it is best to be stationary and off the bike. Press and hold the power button for 1 - 2 seconds and wait for the power-on sequence to complete. If an error code presents, take note of the number and try powering off and on again. 

Now, select the appropriate assistance mode using the select buttons.



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