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Warburton rail trail

The Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail is one of Australia’s more iconic Rail Trails which meanders through the Yarra Valley between the Dandenong Ranges and the Great Dividing Ranges. The 40km recreation trail for walkers, cyclists and horse riders follows the path of the historical railway line which was established in the 1900s to service the agricultural industry of the time.

Located only one hour from Melbourne by car or train, the 'Warby Trail' is a great place to visit on a day trip or why not stay overnight in a bed and breakfast. Stop in any of the townships along the way to experience the local produce and discover what the Yarra Valley is all about. 


O'Shannassy Aqueduct trail

Carved into the mountainside above the Upper Yarra Valley, the O’Shannassy Aqueduct trail is a 30-kilometre walking and bike-riding trail from East Warburton to Don Valley in the Upper Yarra Valley.

The trail runs parallel with the Warburton Rail Trail, however, the O’Shannassy Trail is set into the Yarra Ranges, providing a different perspective.

Surrounded by tall trees and ferns, the trail follows the now-disused O'Shannassy Aqueduct, allowing for spectacular views of the Yarra Valley. As the trail follows the Aqueduct, the track is on a gentle grade, so it is perfect for people of all levels of fitness.

Redwood Forest

The Ride To The Redwood Forest is one of our most beloved rides. The 26 kilometre journey takes you along the O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail through lush temperate rainforest, where you share the path with walkers, cyclists and local wildlife. 

Follow the below link for downloadable Turn-By-Turn directions.



We have selected a handful of our personal favourite gravel routes for you. 


Ride time gravel Route 1



Enjoy one of our favourite 2 hour loops, commonly featuring on our Saturday morning Social Rides. The ride takes you the quiet way out of Warburton to Big Pats Creek. From Big Pats Creek, Lyrebird Road will get you to Brahams Road, East Warburton. You'll spend only a short moment on Woods Point Road before turning down Cement Creek Road and cruising past the Redwood Forest. The O'Shannassy Aqueduct will take care of getting you back to town.

Ride Time gravel Route 2



This ride incorporates one of our areas finest climbs with one of the longest and most exhilarating descents. The Warby Trail gets you to Wesburn and the start of the Britannia Creek Road climb - a long and undulating climb of good gradient and impeccable natural surroundings. Just before you reach Mt Bride Road, the gradient kicks up a few degrees but only for a short distance. Starlings Gap Campground is a great spot for a break before beginning the long descent down Smythe Creek Road into Big Pats Creek and back to town.

Ride Time Gravel Route 3



This route takes you out to the O'Shannassy Weir via the Aqueduct Trail. From there, you cross over to the other side of the valley at East Warburton to climb up Brahams Road for a fiery descent down Mississippi Creek Road. Be sure to ride to the conditions and be in good control of your speed for this one! 

Ride Time gravel Route 4



The iconic Dirty Donna loop. This popular route allows you to get the legs warmed up on the Rail Trail, before heading north up Don Rd to start the long, beautiful climb to the top of the Yarra Ranges and Mt Donna Buang.


Always check weather conditions and prepare your ride accordingly - the descent from Donna could be the coldest 20 minutes of your life!


Hit the link below to download the route to your device.

Ride Time Gravel Route 5



The Big Bertha of local gravel loops - Our Gravel Route 5 squeezes in Seven Acre Rock, Mount Beenak, Big Creek Road, Redwood Forest and the O'Shannassy Aqueduct into one great day out. 

Ride Time Gravel Route 6



A cruisey loop incorporating the Rail Trail and a scenic stretch of the O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail. 

Mountain Bike

Mountain Biking

Our region is home to outstanding Mountain Biking, with the Dandenong Ranges and Lake Mountain within short distance of our store.

Cascades - Lake Mountain

Melbourne's premier mountain biking destination, located just one hour drive from either of our stores at Warburton or Lilydale. 

Cascades has a total distance of ~28kms, total descent of ~1,550m and total climbing of ~500m, making it the perfect trail to tackle on one of our Electric Mountain Bikes. Check out our Electric Mountain Bikes here.

For a colourful idea of what you might be in for on the Cascades trail, check out this article from Flow Mountain Bike Mag.

This seasonal trail opens from October through to May.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 163936.png
Silvan Mountain Bike Network, Ride Time Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges

Silvan Mountain Bike Trails

The home of mountain biking in the Yarra Ranges. Just a stone's throw from Lilydale, you can ride there from our store! Silvan's trail network comprises a labyrinth of hand built natural singletrack to suit intermediate to advanced riders. And if singletrack isn't your thing or for beginner riders out there, the network of forest vehicle tracks distributed throughout the Dandenong Ranges National Park make for the perfect nature cruise!

For more information on the Silvan Trail Network, visit Trailforks here.

Eildon MTB Park

Eildon Mountain Bike Park has evolved from courses that were originally built for national cross-country and downhill competitions and hence many original sections are typically narrow and technical, with challenging switchbacks and steep pinch climbs. 

Murrindindi Cycle Club have created an easier loop within these original trails, with options to challenge riders on sections of “Old School” single track. There is also a newly created green loop within the network. The downhill trail has had some flow modifications, but make no mistake; there is still something challenging for everyone.

Murrindindi Mountain Bike Club are regularly building and adding new trails to their network, not shown on the map are two new black diamond graded descending trails.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 122359.png

Buxton MTB Park

Buxton Mountain Bike Park is situated within the Black Range State Forest, with approximately 20km of purpose built mountain bike single track in the park that can be ridden in a number of different length loops. 

The trails are characterised by gentle climbs and fast flowing descents. Our pick of bike is either the Norco Optic (non-electric) or the Scott Patron (electric) for this network. You can book yours here!

Please note the Buxton Trails are closed over winter.

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